Beth Sanford Makes IASA’s Top 30 Under 30 List

Our very own Beth Sanford, Assistant Portfolio Manager, is one of IASA’s Top 30 Under 30!

According to the association, this first annual list recognizes 30 individuals under the age of 30, whose contributions to the industry are deemed outstanding.

“It’s an honor to be recognized alongside so many other hardworking individuals,” says Sanford. “And I’m proud to work with a great group of people here at AAM.”

Sanford was recognized for her work ethic and commitment to going above and beyond for AAM’s clients. Her attitude and enthusiasm are infectious and there is no challenge that she won’t tackle. As an example:

  • AAM switched accounting and reporting software to Clearwater Analytics in 2016. Many of AAM’s clients were used to customized reports from the legacy system. Beth built many of the reports that were outside of the scope of Clearwater to provide client’s with critical information to run their business.
  • AAM was approached by a significant new client ($350 MM) that required specific compliance functionality. Beth immediately offered to build the functionality into our system, enabling the firm to take on an account, meaningfully growing our firm.
  • Before Beth joined AAM, the firm had a manual trade ticket process. This slowed down the communication between the Portfolio Management team, Trade Settlements, and Traders. Beth collaborated with key members on each team to build a system that automated the entire process. This automation has enabled AAM to be more nimble in taking advantage of opportunities in the investment markets. She did the same work in developing a process for corporate actions.

The combination of tangible business impact, attitude, and natural abilities make Beth a leader worthy of recognition as part of IASA’s first 30 under 30 list.

“Few individuals at a young age have been able to impact a business the way that Beth Sanford has impacted AAM,” said Reed Nuttall, Chief Investment Officer at AAM.

Beth is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison where she obtained a degree in economics. She has worked for AAM for six years and is preparing for her third and final exam in June in pursuit of her CFA certification. During her tenure at AAM she has a long list of accomplishments including streamlining technology processes, freeing up the investment team to focus on delivering strong investment performance.

“We believe that one of the most distinguishing features of AAM as a company is how our employees use their intellect and knowledge to deliver on our promise and commitment to our clients. It’s what helps to differentiate us. And Beth is certainly another example of exactly that. We couldn’t be prouder of her and of the recognition she’s received from IASA and the industry. She deserves it,” said John Schaefer, AAM’s President.


About AAM

AAM is a Chicago-based insurance asset manager founded in 1982.  The company manages $18.3 billion of insurance company assets and specializes in customized investments that fit each client’s objectives and requirements for yield, total return, risk and tax exposure.  The firm offers specialty services such as accounting, tax modeling and enterprise risk management.

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