Success in the constantly evolving 
investment markets requires an asset manager 
with an opportunistic approach.

Our clients

AAM has a diversified client base across Property & Casualty, Health, and Captive Insurers. We bring a unique investment approach to each type of insurer.

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Breakdown by Client

AAM represents over 100 clients across all insurance business segments.

account-pie Property & Casualty Life & Health

Breakdown by Assets

aum-pie Life & Health Property & Casualty

Life & Health (58%)

Life: Within the constantly evolving insurance landscape, AAM partners with health insurers to create nimble portfolios tailored to their asset and liability structure.

Health: Additionally, we have found that the majority of life insurance companies are income driven investors. Within a risk-controlled framework, we work to earn a high level of investment yield with minimal realized capital losses.


Property & Casualty (42%)

Beginning with a thorough dynamic financial analysis, we opportunistically invest for our P&C clients with their liquidity needs, regulatory considerations, and tax constraints in mind.