Peer Analysis

AAM understands that every insurance company maintains a unique set of organizational goals. Similarly, each enterprise faces distinct challenges, including competitive pressures, managing growth, regulatory requirements and rating agency hurdles. One tool that AAM clients have found useful in evaluating their company’s relative construct is a comparative peer analysis that measures meaningful operating company statistics against a sample of industry companies.

If you manage a commercial lines carrier, for example, you may wish to analyze your organization’s loss and expense ratios versus a peer group that you define. If you are an annuity writer, a comparative measurement of gross investment yield and realized capital gains and losses may prove useful.

With access to all statutory and GAAP insurance company financial statement details, AAM gathers data, creates customized comparisons and works with clients to interpret the output. This analysis answers much more than the basic question “Where are we positioned?” When we study asset risk and underwriting risk with you, we can answer the question “Where should we be positioned?”

With our nearly 35-year history serving insurance organizations, AAM is uniquely positioned to understand your objectives and challenges and provide solutions to help you achieve your goals.